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DadBoner - Mon Jan 17 2011

11:14 AM #
Dave didn't go to work today because ,"his back is killing him." Yeah right, way to milk it to get out of a Monday, Dave.

12:18 PM #
Dave called and asked if I could bring him some lunch. I'm not the one who's taking the day off! Jeez.

12:24 PM #
Had a BIG healthy greek salad and 2 coney dogs (no bun) from Leo's for lunch today. Feels good to start the week off right.

12:25 PM #
Didn't get enough dressing for my salad though. Gotta remember to ask for extra next time, even though I shouldn't have to.

12:26 PM #
Great, Dave's calling again. Sick of this. IGNORE.

01:39 PM #
Letting us out early is NOT the same as a day off. So disrespectful to the main man MLK. Gettin a 6 pack on the way home. It's a holiday.

02:58 PM #
Trying to relax. Dave keeps complaining about his back and asking for favors. MLK day isn't about YOU, Dave. I'm outta here.

08:11 PM #
Had several cocktails at Chili's to escape Dave. Also had the Grilled BBQ Chicken Salad. That's 2 salads today. That's double health.

08:15 PM #
Drove by Ann's a few times. Thought about stopping by, but had a few too many cocktails. From Chili's. They were good. Had several.

08:16 PM #
Got home and made a salami snack. Crashed some plates and Dave told me to keep it down. He's still bitching out his back. Borrring.

08:18 PM #
Dave's back problem is boorrrrrrrinnnng. You're borrrring Dave. Borrrring borrring borring. Might call Ann but it's too late to call Ann.

08:19 PM #
This was a great day for a great man. Going to drink a beer in the car and rock some r&b soul because Dave is being a boring wuss.