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DadBoner - Tue Jan 18 2011

12:01 PM #
Dave actually said that because I installed the chin up bar, his back injury is kinda my fault. I suppose it's my fault he's a fatso too.

12:03 PM #
He's just trying to make me feel bad and wants me to drive him to Ready Med. You don't drive with your back, idiot. Drive yourself.

12:12 PM #
Got YaYa's chicken for lunch. Half chicken & cole slaw. Trying to make up for the MLK day cocktails. Still STARVING.

01:19 PM #
Ann called. Wants to know if I want to come over and help with my daughter's school project. Of course I don't. But I'm going anyway.

01:24 PM #
Plus, it gets me out of hearing Dave pee and moan. And it'll remind Ann how ol' Karl knows a thing or 2 about school projects.

08:43 PM #
Think I really wowed Ann with my help on the science project. I did some sweet cut outs of the planetary system. I'm good at cut outs.

08:50 PM #
It's kinda awkward with the kids. My son wouldn't even come out of his room to say hi, so that was good.

08:55 PM #
My daughters kept calling me "Karl". I thought that was cool.

09:00 PM #
Couldn't put any moves on Ann with my kids in the way, but I winked and asked for a "raincheck" when I left. She caught my drift.

09:02 PM #
Dave finally got off the couch and went to bed. Couch smells like his dirty behind now. Such a grossout. Sittin on paper towels.