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DadBoner - Thu Jan 20 2011

11:11 AM #
Man, something was wrong with those wings. Got really sick last night. Really lookin forward to the weekend you guys.

11:43 AM #
Had a Chef Salad for lunch. Haven't eaten since last night. Hope my stomach's settled down. I'm all outta Pepto.

12:36 PM #
I guess Dave's going to his mom's for the weekend to get taken care of. Got the pad all to myself. Super pumped you guys!

04:25 PM #
I misunderstood. Dave's mom is coming to stay with US. I think he should have discussed it with me first. Really steamed.

06:14 PM #
Really P.O.'d at Dave. Fell off the wagon and got some Burger King. What am I supposed to do with his mom nosing around!?

06:15 PM #
Can't even look at him. Taking up the whole couch. Asking for crap. Backs don't stay hurt for a whole week! Sick of this. Paddy's.