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DadBoner - Fri Jan 21 2011

11:31 AM #
You guys should just Friday on without me. So bummed about Dave's mom coming to stay with us. Still burned up about it.

11:40 AM #
Got us pizza at work. Ate 7 slices. The cheese & pepperoni only, no crust. Got some "wasteful" comments. YOU EAT THE CRUST THEN!

11:42 AM #
I'm on a diet and I can't have crust and if they made pizza without crust I'd get it but they don't so this is how it is ok!!!

11:46 AM #
It's not like I don't WANT to eat the crust, I'm making sacrifices to better myself, what are YOU doing, sow?!!

12:02 PM #
Dave said his mom's coming around 7 tonight. Thanks for the heads up so I can not be there, Dave.

12:19 PM #
Called Ann to see if she wanted to catch a flick. No go. She's got plans with the gals. I might just go to Paddy's or something.

03:25 PM #
Dave's mom is on her way. I'm on my way too, out the door.

03:29 PM #
No Dave, I don't care that she's gonna make "dinner and everything!" I'm going to Applebee's like an adult.

09:57 PM #
Just got home. Had a blast. Stopped at Wild Spurs for a few. Guess who's in the spare bed that's mine? Dave's mom. Guess who's P.O.d?!!!

09:59 PM #
I just washed those sheets on Wednesday. Now they're gonna have old lady smell. She better do laundry before she leaves.

10:01 PM #
I can't believe I have to sleep on the couch. #1 It smells like Dave's farts. #2 I'm a grown man who deserves a bed. #3 Bullcrap!!!

10:05 PM #
Dave's mom just got up to see "what the ruckus was." Mind your business and go back to bed! I'm makin' hot dog nachos. (no chips)

10:06 PM #
Now she wants me to turn down the tv. I friggin live here you old bag! It's Friday. I worked hard all week. This is MY time!!!

10:10 PM #
Man, I am steamed. Goin outside for a smoke. Been good lately but I gotta cool off. Turn down the tv?! You're Dave's mom, NOT mine.

10:53 PM #
Dave's mom's been in the john for 20 minutes. This is a nightmare. I just wanna take a healthy crap so I can get some sleep. Sick of this.