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DadBoner - Sat Jan 22 2011

12:22 PM #
Dave's mom woke me up at friggin' 7:30 today, "Startin some breaky for my Dave! How do you like your eggs, Mr. Karl?" I like 'em shut up.

12:28 PM #
Ate my omelette and tried to go back to sleep. Just wouldn't take. So exhausted. Goin to Paddy's to try and relax. Cheat day!!!

11:21 PM #
Sick of sleepin on the couch, I'm a little buzzed. Doesn't matter. I want to sleep in the damn bed stupid Dave's mom. Stupif old crap.

11:23 PM #
Let's do it big 2011!!!! Sick of this screwin around.

11:25 PM #
Gonna do it bigger and better. Gonna make it happen big time. Swear to god you guys. Gonna write a letter to Ann.

11:26 PM #
I screwed up. Time to man up. This Bud's for you, you guys!