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DadBoner - Mon Jan 24 2011

11:48 AM #
Dave's mom FINALLY left this morning. Overheard her saying, "I'm worried about your friend Karl. He seems to be having a hard time."

11:49 AM #
I'M having a hard time?! What about DAVE?! Why don't you judge your own son first. Good riddance.

11:51 AM #
She gave Dave $40 for us to go out to eat. He better not hog it. It's for both of us.

12:44 PM #
4 soft shell supremes. NO SHELLS. Jeez, Taco Bell, how hard is that to understand?! Trying to start the week off right for Pete's sake.

03:47 PM #
Told Dave we should go for steaks with his mom's $40. He "doesn't know if he wants steaks." Why should he pick? I'm the one who suffered.

03:49 PM #
And his mom didn't even wash the sheets she stunk up with old lady smell. Gonna have to sleep on the bare mattress like a drug addict.

04:48 PM #
Dave can't decide what he wants to spend the $40 on. I'm starving. Just gonna make some no bun Steak Ums.