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DadBoner - Tue Jan 25 2011

11:54 AM #
Think I got a rash on my stomach from sleeping on that bare mattress last night. Could really use some salve. So itchy.

11:56 AM #
Got Chinese for lunch. Beef and broccoli. Those ding dongs forgot my hot mustard. So boring without the mustard.

11:57 AM #
Really lookin' forward to Wing Wednesday, you guys. This Tuesday is the pits.

03:13 PM #
Dave said we should go spend that $40 from his mom on supper tonight. Super pumped! Free supper is THE best.

03:21 PM #
Great, Dave decided on Olive Garden. He KNOWS I can't have pasta. And the breadsticks! Ohhhh the breadsticks! What a jerk.

03:51 PM #
I think OG does a good steak though. Forgot about that. Gonna get the biggest one!

07:16 PM #
Forgot how hard OG rocks! Got the Steak Toscano. Let Dave have the Tuscan Potatoes. Man, he really put it away tonight.

07:24 PM #
Dave went for the Chicken & Shrimp Carbonara. It sure was a nice sized portion. Killed me to watch him go to town on it.

07:26 PM #
I must have had 2 whole serving bowls of the "never ending salad." They never saw me comin. Ha!

07:30 PM #
They gave me a hard time about taking a basket of breadsticks home for cheat day. They were already on the table! Couldn't waste 'em.

07:31 PM #
Figured I had some carbs saved up, so we went nuts on 20oz Bud Lights. They pour 'em real cold at OG. Went down so smooth.

07:33 PM #
Bill was like 80 bucks. Guess who didn't have anymore than 40? Dave. Guess who got stuck? Me. Was almost p.o.'d but we had such a blast!

07:37 PM #
Felt a little bummed being at Olive Garden without Ann. That was one of our special places to celebrate. I gotta work harder on us.