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DadBoner - Wed Jan 26 2011

10:38 AM #
Wing Wednesday guys! Just polished off a dozen Caribbean Jerks. Dipped 'em in half ranch/half blue cheese. (my special concoction)

10:40 AM #
Seriously, thank god hump day is here. Really lookin forward to the weekend you guys. Workin on some big plans.

03:34 PM #
Asked Ann if she'd like to catch a flick this weekend. AND, I think cute gal at work is giving me vibes. Said, "excuse me, sweetie" today.

03:38 PM #
Ann said, "sounds good, we'll see" which of course is a yes. I think this whole diet & positive attitude is bringing on the babes.

03:44 PM #
I really feel like it's coming together. Gonna do some pushups and eat the insides of a few Hot Pockets. Gotta look GOOD this weekend!

04:00 PM #
Pa-nama! Panamuhuh!!! Nothin better to work out to you guys. Really in a groove. And no, I WON"T turn it down, Dave.

04:59 PM #
Did 40 total pushups. My shoulder is burning pretty bad. Could sure use a good rub down. Better get that protein in from the HP's ASAP.

06:40 PM #
My shoulder is REALLY hurtin. Nothing a couple well earned cold ones can't fix.