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DadBoner - Thu Jan 27 2011

11:31 AM #
Had 2 coney dogs for lunch today (no buns). Hard to eat with one hand. Using the other to ice my sore shoulder.

11:37 AM #
Damn ice bag keeps leaking. My shirt is soaked. Can see right through it.

11:40 AM #
This one snotty lady asked me, "what happened?" I told her I hurt my shoulder working out. She gave me this weird look.

11:45 AM #
Wish I brought a spare shirt. My pecs are all chafed. The see through part's gotta be distracting to the gals too.

01:57 PM #
Was in the bathroom for 20min trying to dry my shirt off. Ken saw me come out and said, "What, you fall in?" Gotta give it to 'em. Ha!

05:33 PM #
Asked Dave where a good place for a massage was. He sent me to some scary Oriental place with bars on the window. No thanks.

05:34 PM #
I KNOW what happens in those places. They get you relaxed and steal your wallet. Dave has ZERO street smarts.

05:38 PM #
I'm just gonna take it easy and load up on the Icy Hot. Gotta rest up for the weekend.