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DadBoner - Fri Jan 28 2011

11:00 AM #
I don't wanna work, I just wanna bang on the drum all FriDAAAYYY!!! Happy Friday to ya, guys!

11:06 AM #
Got a shoulder wrap with a thermal gel pack in it for my injury. I look kinda badboy like Mad Max. Cute gal at work gave me a few looks.

11:11 AM #
Ann got back to me about our movie date. Wants to go see that Country Strong. You know how Ann loves her Tim McGraw.

11:12 AM #
Probably go tomorrow. Gonna wear my Tim McGraw cologne so it's like 3D. She'll go bonkers!

11:54 AM #
Dave wants to do Paddy's tonight. I told him just for few because of my big date tomorrow. He said, "With who, the toilet?"

11:55 AM #
What does that even mean?! What an idiot. Anyway, so probably going to Paddy's with Dave later.

02:41 PM #
Headin to Paddy's. Dave's already there. $2.50 domestic 24 ouncers. Time to Friday up. Have a great one guys! This Bud's for you!

07:27 PM #
Just home from Paddy's, man we had a blast! Dave hit on this one gal and she said "gross, dude" right in his face. Laughed SO HARD!

07:31 PM #
Dave's new name is "Gross Dude." Can't stop laughing about it. Hey Gross Dude, get me a fresh beer! Ha! Man, we. are. BOMBED.

07:32 PM #
P.U.! Who stuck up the can?! Oh, must've been my roomie, Gross Dude. Ha!

07:34 PM #
Nice stain on your shirt, Gross Dude. Is that ranch or mayo? Ha!

07:35 PM #
Told Dave he should be a superhero named Gross Dude. He could gross out all the bad guys. Stop that thief, Gross Dude! (Farrrrrrrt)

07:37 PM #
Think Dave is getting P.O.'d. Oh, did I say "Dave?" I meant, Gross Dude. HaHaHA!!!

07:39 PM #
Can't stop laughing. Ho-ly shit. I gotta go outside for a minute. Can't breathe. GROSS DUDE!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!