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DadBoner - Sun Jan 30 2011

12:07 PM #
Had a blast with Ann yesterday. Saw Country Strong, which was just ok. But then I took her to Damon's for ribs! SO good.

12:10 PM #
Ann ordered a half rack. I told the waitress that Ann already had a full rack, know what mean? Ha! Don't think they got it.

12:12 PM #
I got the full rack (cause I don't have one, know what I mean?) with a loaded baked potato. (cheat day on my diet)

12:14 PM #
And of course we started with the Onion Loaf. Guys, if you go to Damon's, the Onion Loaf is a MUST HAVE. Real crowd pleaser.

12:17 PM #
I stuck with beer, but Ann was really plowing through the Margs. She was gettin sassy.

12:18 PM #
Dropped her off at home and even had a few smooches in the car! Thought about trying to go all the way, but wanted to be a gentlemen.

12:19 PM #
I mean, of course I felt on her beauties a little. Just over the shirt though. I'm only human!

12:22 PM #
Having to go home to Dave's smelly butt never made me so sad. Can't stop thinking about Ann. I need a cold one.