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DadBoner - Mon Jan 31 2011

12:33 PM #
Monday is really draggin' you guys.

12:42 PM #
Got 2 Quad Steak Burritos from Taco Bell. 4 HELPINGS of steak each. Ate around the shells and rice. Probably be the highlight of the day.

12:44 PM #
Really sick of winter. Can't wait to get the boat out.

06:06 PM #
Nothin' to do. Probably just gonna hit the sack. Had no spaghetti, spaghetti for diet dinner. Which is just meat sauce. So italian chili.

06:07 PM #
Why isn't Italian chili a thing? It was actually pretty good when I think of it that way. I should look into getting a patent.

06:09 PM #
Dave just said Italian chili is a stupid idea. Oh, so sorry for having actual dreams. Dave's a know nothing asswagon.

06:13 PM #
Screw it. I'm gonna pour myself a tall G&T and hash this idea out on paper. "Karl's World Famous Italian Chili." Nice ring to it.

08:02 PM #
Think I wanna go with "Captain Karl's Italian Chili" with a little picture of me in a captain's hat on it. This is a great idea.

08:08 PM #
Kinda overdid it on the G&T's. Better hit the sack now. G'nite maties from your ol' pal, Captain Karl. Super pumped about this idea!