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DadBoner - Wed Feb 02 2011

11:28 AM #
Ann called. One of my daughters got in trouble for "making out" with some boy at recess. Really steamed. I don't wanna know about that!

11:39 AM #
Trying to block it out. Almost couldn't finish my Wing Wednesday wings. Had a dozen hot bbq. Needed couple cold ones to take off the edge.

12:10 PM #
Really wanna get my hands on that kid. Trying to be rational.

12:12 PM #
I guess the kids are at home for a snow day. Got half a mind to go over there and straighten things out!

12:14 PM #
Except they're letting us go home from work. Don't wanna waste a half day on family crap. Plus, the roads are dangerous.

01:55 PM #
Took me an hour and a half to get home. The Sebring got stuck like 3 times. Sick of this.

01:57 PM #
This is no kinda day for a diet. Making some Eggo's and Pizza Rolls. Sue me. I need comfort food.

02:02 PM #
What's all this Egyptian crap on the news for? There's a major snowstorm happening. People just love anything shocking I guess.

02:32 PM #
Dave's complaining that the Pizza Rolls were his. This is a snowstorm, Dave. Every man for himself. He's so greedy.

06:07 PM #
What was I thinking eating all those Pizza Rolls?! Spending some serious time in the john. I shoulda just ate the filling.

06:08 PM #
Dave said I'm getting what I deserve. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. (MAYBE Tina Carlson) He needs to shut it.