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DadBoner - Thu Feb 03 2011

11:11 AM #
All those stomach problems have me feelin pretty slim today. Really lookin forward to the weekend you guys.

07:52 PM #
I wanted to watch some basketball but Dave's hoggin the watch FRIGGIN FRIENDS!!! Unbelievable.

07:53 PM #
"What, I like Friends" he says. What a wuss. At least put on Earl or something. This is unbearable.

07:56 PM #
I'd head out if it wasn't so crappy. Sick of this weather. So bored. I wonder what Ann's up to?

08:02 PM #
Now, House Hunters, Dave? Oh come the hell on. I swear he's doing it on purpose. I'm making drink. Sick of this.

08:03 PM #
No answer from Ann. She must be snoozin. Either that or watching the same dumb crap as Dave. I'd rather be with her and her cans though.

09:20 PM #
Now Dave's watching Frasier. Great. What an idiot. Kinda buzzed on Bacardi and diet anyway. Guess I'll just drop one and hit the sack.