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DadBoner - Fri Feb 04 2011

11:31 AM #
Ain't now drag, Papa's got a brand new Friday! Doodleoodleoodleoodleoodleoodleoodleoodle! Happy Friday, you guys!

11:51 AM #
They got us pizza as a cheer up for all the rough weather. Took out a whole sausage & pepp. No crusts. Gotta get my diet on track.

11:53 AM #
Got to it first and told everyone Papa John's must've made a mistake. Sick of takin guff for my diet. Let Papa John deal with it. Ha!

11:54 AM #
Washed it down with 2 sugar free Red Bulls. Man, I am feeling SUPER pumped. I could drink a thousand of those. SO good.

11:57 AM #
I guess that nosey lady actually called Papa John's to complain, they said it wasn't their fault. I'm getting some looks.

12:00 PM #
I wouldn't have to lie if dieting wasn't so looked down at. Lying isn't wrong when it's for the right reason, like helping to free slaves.

12:01 PM #
Ok so that was a little stretch, but you know what I mean. Man, I'm jacked off these Red Bulls. Gonna do some pushups in the john.

12:32 PM #
Chatting with Ann on the phone. Nosey lady keeps asking about the "weird pizza." Let it go you old loser! Talkin to my babe here.

12:41 PM #
Have I mentioned that the nosey lady sounds like a giant bird having it's wings torn off? I DIDN'T EAT THE PIZZA TOPPINGS YOU FREAK SOW!

12:44 PM #
Drinking another suger free Red Bull to cool off. Kinda steamed.

01:00 PM #
Man I can't wait to get outta this dump. It's Super Bowl weekend! Big weekend you guys! Big time. Seriously.

01:03 PM #
I swear to god if that nosey bird lady asks me about that pizza one more time I'm gonna flip out.

01:48 PM #
Told the nosey lady, "Hope you solve your case, Magnum PI." (she has a moustache.) Ha!

01:49 PM #
I'm outta here. Faking diarrhea. (Actually have diarrhea so it's technically not lying). Goin to Paddy's for a cold one. Friday on!

10:52 PM #
Had a blast at Paddy's. $2.50 24oz drafts were going down so smooth. So smooth. So smooth. Had a blast. Gotta hit the sack.

10:53 PM #
Gina was bartending. Such a sweetheart. If I wasn't trying to make it work with Ann, man, I'd totally make a move.

10:55 PM #
Might call Ann. Give her a jingle to see what's going on. She's my lady. Gotta tell her how much I care about her. Ann.

10:56 PM #
Shut up. Too late to call Ann. Stupidf. Gonna hit the sack. Weekend time tomorrow! You guys Saturdaylkklj

10:57 PM #
Might make a pizza.