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DadBoner - Sat Feb 05 2011

01:56 AM #
Crap. burned pizza. All smokey. Dave can shut up, no need to be freaking out. Like he's never passed out makin a pizza before.

12:03 PM #
Really overdid it. Pretty banged up. Shouldn't drank all that Red Bull during the day. Probably just rest up for tomorrow.

02:41 PM #
Dave wants to have a Super Bowl party. That means he wants ME to have a Super Bowl Party. What's he gonna make?! Burnt toast?!

02:42 PM #
'Course, I do make a mean bratwurst. Johnsonvilles in beer and butter, plus a secret ingredient. (special recipe) Real crowd pleaser.

02:44 PM #
Can't decide. Paddy's is having a $5 buffet. All you can eat. Plus some other specials. Sounds pretty rockin.

04:40 PM #
I'm gonna wanna do some serious snacking tomorrow. Have to save my cheat day. I only had a burger and fries today so it's not too late.

08:03 PM #
Alright. We're gonna do it. Captain Karl's Super Bowl Party 2011 is a go! (Dave asked to be "first mate". I said no.)

08:46 PM #
Just pre-made my famous Bloody Karl Mix. (special recipe) If you can't handle the heat, stay outta my bloodies. Ha!

08:47 PM #
Hittin the sack. Big day tomorr. Gotta get up early to start on some apps. Gonna really wow 'em. Super pumped for the Super Bowl you guys.