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DadBoner - Sun Feb 06 2011

10:57 AM #
Super Bowl 2011 is really underway folks! Taking a little break from gettin stuff ready. Making a Bloody Karl. It's SUPER spicy.

11:01 AM #
Been up for 4 hrs getting stuff ready. Cleaned up the pad. Dave's still in freakin bed. This was his idea! He's just lazy.

11:03 AM #
Making a batch of my Captain Karl's Italian Chili, got the brats simmering, made a cheese & sausage plate, a veggie plate...

11:05 AM #
...some chips & onion dip, gonna do a nacho chili dip, making Lil Smokies in BBQ sauce, and Swedish Meatballs a la Karl.

11:07 AM #
Alright, Dave just wandered out and asked if we're having hummus. First thing he said. Like he even eats that weird crap.

11:10 AM #
Invited Ann, said she might stop by, but has plans to go to the Carlson's. Said I was welcome to join. That's like spending Xmas in hell.

11:11 AM #
Plus, Tina makes all this "fancy" garbage. Hey Dave, why don't you go to the Carlson's for hummus or some other disgusting health food.

11:22 AM #
This Bloody Karl is blowing my head off with flavor! I really know how to make 'em. Strong, that's how. Ha!

11:24 AM #
Invited my bro Al. Said he might stop by. Man, you don't wanna see the Welzein boys together at a Super Bowl party. We get wild!

11:25 AM #
Dave said he invited a couple friends from work. So nobody.

11:27 AM #
I hit up a few of the fellas from the old days too. Said they might stop by. Today is gonna rock you guys.

11:41 AM #
Crap, forgot to make the 7 layer dip! Son of a b. Gotta get back to work you guys. Su-per Bowl! Su-per Bowl!

01:01 PM #
Great, Dave just destroyed the john. People could be over any minute! Stupid idiot.

01:06 PM #
What's with the Black Eyed Peas doing the half time show? Since when is the Superbowl for teenage girls? Where's the Stones?!!

01:08 PM #
My daughters like that Black Eyed Peas crap. And they hate the Superbowl. Makes no sense at all.

01:11 PM #
They shoulda had Sammy Hagar & The Waboritas. They woulda definitely rocked it. Now THAT'D be a partyin' halftime show. Or the Who again.

01:19 PM #
Who the hell is Maroon 5? This stinks worse than the dump Dave just dropped. Seriously, are girls in charge of the Super Bowl now?

03:08 PM #
Ann stopped by for a drink on her way to the Carlson's. Could tell she didn't want to go. How can you leave a full spread like this!?

03:11 PM #
These Bloody's are going down way too smooth. Better switch to beer in a second. Got a 30 pack of Bud Lights on sale. Ice cold.

03:18 PM #
Man, I sure miss, Sweetness.

03:23 PM #
Alright guys, gotta refill the meatballs. Dave actually had a few work friends over and they LOVE 'em! Full steam Captain Karl!

03:24 PM #
"Work friends" aren't real friends though. But I won't tell Dave that. Don't wanna hurt his feelings.

03:25 PM #
Whoa, that Christina chick is a knockout. My kinda gal.

03:28 PM #
It doesn't get any hotter than blond hair and red lipstick. Hoo boy that babe was smokin. Gotta check out her stuff.

05:10 PM #
Oh good. The Black Eyed Peas are on. That means I can go take a Brown Eyed Crap break.

05:19 PM #
What is this crap, The Shrine Circus? They couldn't get the Boss? Mellencamp? Seger? Jeez.

05:23 PM #
I don't like this at all. Still, havin a blast. Hardly even watching the game. Just partyin!

07:09 PM #
Great game Green Bay. I'm a Lions then Bears then Packers guy. All the best, you guys.

07:15 PM #
What a blast, Dave had his buddies Rick and Sheryl over, Al stopped by for a few. Had to get back to the fam though.

07:19 PM #
The Rick guy has a doobie, what the heck, no big deal. Gonna chill out. Super Bowl Sunday! This Bud's For You!

07:24 PM #
Whoa I've I got a buzz on. Really buzzin. Whoa. Super Bowl. Good times!

07:55 PM #
I gotta crtash. So gotta get some sleep. dave's friends are still here, crap, havin another bud lkight.

08:39 PM #
So high. Crap.

08:44 PM #
Sheryl's wasn't lookin good before, but now, man, I see it. she's got a rockin body.

09:15 PM #
Dave put on The Jefferson's. Probably the best decision he's ever made. We're losin it over here!!!! I got that Super Bowl fever!