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DadBoner - Tue Feb 08 2011

11:57 AM #
Dave still hadn't cleaned up this morning. Stepped on a meatball in the kitchen and had to change my sock. Sick of this.

06:25 PM #
Guess what's not clean yet? And it's WORSE. Again. Now there's a half spilled Doritos bag on the couch. I'm so ticked off you guys.

06:27 PM #
I don't know where Dave is, but he better stay there. He's such a filthy pig. And he's not answering my calls. Unbelievable.

06:28 PM #
And we're out of TP. GODDAMNIT!!!

08:57 PM #
Kinda buzzed off the liquor I had stashed in the trunk. Don't know where the hell Dave is. Really stewing here.

09:00 PM #
Threw out a bunch of the dirty plates, silverware, and glasses. If Dave can't appreciate things he shouldn't be allowed to have 'em.

09:04 PM #
Buh-bye daiquiri soaked rug. Trash. Sick of this.