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DadBoner - Wed Feb 09 2011

11:33 AM #
Still no sign of Dave. Wonder if something happened? You'd think he'd call back at least once.

12:40 PM #
So P.O.d at Dave I forgot it was Wing Wednesday. Had a bag of Jack Link's and some string cheese. I really blew it.

04:55 PM #
Dave just showed up at home. Guess he went to his Mom's because the place was "just too disgusting." What a baby.

04:57 PM #
Now he's all ticked off because I threw away the plates and glasses. Technically they were his, but I shouldn't have to look at them.

04:58 PM #
If anything he should thank me for at least tidying up a little. I shouldn't have had to do anything at all. I paid for the SB spread.

07:16 PM #
Dave said I owe him like $200 for throwing away all his dishes, glasses and silverware. Like they cost that much at Goodwill.

07:17 PM #
I think I did him a favor. He should at least have nice stuff from Target. Show a little class Dave. Babes like that.

07:19 PM #
And that rug was RUINED long before the daiquiri incident. Again, did him a FAVOR. Dave won't talk to me. Just staring at the TV.

07:21 PM #
What is he, a woman or something? If I wanted to be ignored and complained about when I do something nice I'd get back with Ann.

07:21 PM #
Speaking of Ann, gotta start planning something really special for Valentines Day. This is a big one. Gotta do it right.