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DadBoner - Thu Feb 10 2011

11:06 AM #
I'm pretty beat. Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

04:27 PM #
Dave's eating his supper on the bare coffee table. Use a paper towel! What a stupid animal.

07:16 PM #
Wow, I really polished off that 6 pack of talls faster than expected. It must be Thirstday. Ha!

07:18 PM #
Really though, they went down so smooth. Makin a Crown & Diet from my liquor trunk stash. Gotta do it outside so Dave doesn't see.

08:51 PM #
Holy crap, Dave just burned some microwave popcorn. Asked him how long he put it in for. He said, "Dunno, like 8 minutes."

08:53 PM #
He said he likes it, "well done." It's so smokey in here, you guys. Had to knock the smoke detector off the ceiling with a broom.

08:57 PM #
8 MINUTES?! For popcorn?! When's your new cooking show, Chef Dave? Someone call Bobby Flay for a throwdown! Ha!

09:00 PM #
Now he's trying to choke it down like it's fine. Oh god this is hilarious. Going to the car to make another drink.