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DadBoner - Sat Feb 12 2011

01:09 PM #
Really draggin today. Had such a blast yesterday though. Good thing it's cheat day. Just put away 3 Quad Steak Burritos from Taco Bell.

01:11 PM #
I also got a couple of those burritos with the Fritos on 'em. Genius. Whoever invented that is just genius.

04:25 PM #
Nothing like a few Saturday G & Ts to start the night off. Going down so smooth. Might head out. Maybe Paddy's?

04:27 PM #
Still trying to figure out what to do with Ann for Valentines. Wish I didn't get her that heart pendant for Xmas. How can I top that?!

05:15 PM #
I wanna take Ann somewhere really special. Maybe a steakhouse or something.

05:23 PM #
Out of nowhere, Dave just went in the bathroom and threw up. Hahaha!!! So hilarious, you guys. What a great day.

06:17 PM #
Just asked Dave why he threw up. He said, "Dunno, just felt like it." What an idiot. Now he's eating Toaster Strudels.

06:19 PM #
Dave is such a slob. Screw this, going to Paddy's. Got a hankering for one a them BLT pizzas with the ranch sauce. It's really excellent.