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DadBoner - Sun Feb 13 2011

11:32 AM #
My thighs are all sore. Guess I did some boogiein last night at Wild Spurs. Don't remember much. Need a Gatorade.

11:38 AM #
Dave said I came home, knocked over the coffee table, put in Jewel of The Nile and woke him up to say how hot Kathleen Turner was.

11:41 AM #
Guess I put a box of Pizza Rolls in the microwave and forgot. It's a disgusting mess. Dave asked if he could have 'em. Jeez.

11:41 AM #
I gotta go lay down.

09:43 PM #
Just woke up. Really crashed out there. Wide awake, don't know how I'm gonna get back to sleep.

11:10 PM #
Gonna drink a few cold ones and do some pushups. Gotta burn off some energy. Really shouldn't of taken that 9 hour nap.