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DadBoner - Mon Feb 14 2011

12:16 AM #
Gotta get some sleep. Gonna watch some Becker, should do the trick.

02:10 AM #
Just can't sleep. Still awake. Gonna smoke some of Dave's grass stash. (just for special occasions) Gotta be sharp for Vday with Ann.

11:21 AM #
Super late for work today. Like 3 hours. No one said anything. Why do I come in on time, ever?

11:33 AM #
BAM. This is a home run, you guys.|10101|10001|-1|503897706|15055|15055.15094.19025

11:36 AM #
Plus, Jane Seymour designed it. And Ann used to LOVE Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. It's really thoughtful.

12:44 PM #
Crap. Forgot to make dinner reservations. Can't get into Red Lobster until like 10:30! Gonna call Olive Garden and work my way down.

12:45 PM #
Plus, I still have to run to Kohl's for more Tim McGraw cologne. Dave cut the cheese real bad last week and used it up.

12:47 PM #
And I spilled coney sauce all over this shirt. Gotta iron a fresh one after work. Valentine's Day is such a hassle.