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DadBoner - Tue Feb 15 2011

12:45 PM #
Had such a blast with Ann last night, you guys. Waited until 10:30 to get into Red Lobster but was WELL worth it.

12:48 PM #
I had the Ultimate Feast. My go to at Red Lob. Ann had the Maple Glazed Salmon & Shrimp. She's watching her weight and looks GOOD.

12:50 PM #
And the Cheddar Bay Biscuits, oh man, they're just the best. Must've had a dozen. Took a day off from the diet. (special occasion)

12:52 PM #
Seriously guys, if you want to crank the romance up, Red Lob is an easy home run. And the Berry Mango Daiquiris went down so smooth.

12:55 PM #
Afterwards we watched Valentine's Day (Ann's fav), which sucked, but combined with the Daiqs and some red wine, made for a cozy situation.

12:56 PM #
I'm a gentlemen, but I'm not gonna say some hanky panky DIDN'T happen. Ha!

12:58 PM #
Ok, what happened was, we started to go all the way, but heard my daughter get up to use the john so I had to split.

12:59 PM #
Man, it was sure hard to drive home. Ha!

12:59 PM #
Sorry, that was gross. I'm just excited.

01:00 PM #
So, me and Ann talked this morning, about our love being rekindled, and she thinks maybe I should move back in at the end of the month!

01:02 PM #
Sorry to go on and on, but I'm just super pumped you guys. Dave's been getting on my nerves. Timing couldn't be better.

01:03 PM #
Don't know how I'm gonna tell Dave. He'll be so bummed without his partner in crime, Captain Karl. I'm kinda the cool one.

01:04 PM #
Another thing you guys? Tim McGraw cologne. Just do yourselves a favor. Babes go nuts!

01:07 PM #
AND I forgot to give Ann the bracelet and it didn't matter! Taking it back to Zales. Double score! 2011 Valentines Day rocked it!

02:01 PM #
I meant Kay, not Zales. It's all the same waste of money crap. I don't know the difference.

02:03 PM #
Nosey lady came at me about the broken toilet AGAIN. Get offa my cloud you dumb windbag. Tryin to enjoy my glories.

07:57 PM #
Just couldn't tell Dave about moving back in with Ann. We've been havin a few laughs over some cold ones. Maybe tomorrow.