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DadBoner - Wed Feb 16 2011

12:53 PM #
Wing Wednesday isn't sittin so well, you guys. Shouldn't had 18. Might just camp out in the john and text Ann.

06:58 PM #
Just don't know how to tell Dave I'm hittin the bricks. We're kinda bros, you know? Maybe tomorrow. Got us a $5 Hot n Ready. I feel bad.

06:59 PM #
Even lettin' him have my crust. Still only eating the cheese & toppings. Gotta keep my bod tight for Ann.

08:07 PM #
Dave just said he "knew a bunch of rockers, but they're all burned out and toasted now. Glad I live the simple life." Ha! So right.

08:16 PM #
I asked Dave what "rockers" he knew. He said, "Dunno, that Don guy from Flint." Who the heck is "that Don guy?!" Hoo boy I'm dyin here.

08:21 PM #
Yeah, can't tell Dave tonight. We're having a blast. That, and he bought the brews. Hate for him to get P.O.'d and hog 'em.