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DadBoner - Thu Feb 17 2011

11:54 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys. Only have a few more days of freedom. Gotta make it count.

12:16 PM #
Dave got DRUNK last night. Told me a bunch of weird crap. Like, "I ever tell you I had the biggest one in 8th grade gym class? No lie."

02:45 PM #
Nosey lady just asked me AGAIN if I have any information on the broken toilet tank lid. Like I'm just magically gonna stop lying about it.

02:48 PM #
I'm not some coward she can just push around into admitting the truth. I've watched a ton of CSI.

03:47 PM #
Little rainy out, but the warmest it's been in a long time. Me and Dave are breaking out the Weber grill for a few steaks. Super pumped.

04:29 PM #
Can't get the damn coals lit. Dave made a run for more lighter fluid and a 12pack. I'm starving.

04:55 PM #
Dave came back from 7-11 with 4 40s of Icehouse and NO lighter fluid. Idiot. Balling up newspaper for kindling.

05:07 PM #
Whoa, haven't had Icehouse in a while. This 40 is going down SO smooth. Put almost a whole newspaper worth on the coals. Lotta flames.

05:32 PM #
Finally got the coals goin. Time to fire up these bad boys. Seasoned 'em up with my special rub. (secret recipe)

06:35 PM #
Cooked the rib eyes a perfect medium rare. Dave put his in the microwave because "he doesn't like the pink part." What a little girl.

06:37 PM #
Man, the bottom of this 40 is warm and disgusting. Opened a fresh one and Dave asked if he could have the rest of the old one. Jeez.

06:38 PM #
So, Dave hates perfectly cooked steak, but likes warm 40 backwash. What is wrong with him?! Oh, that's right. Alot of things.