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DadBoner - Sat Feb 19 2011

12:56 PM #
Got a little sunshine today. Gonna fire up the grill up again for cheat day. Making Captain Karl's famous smoked pork chop sammies.

12:58 PM #
See the trick is, I put a fried egg ON the pork chop sandwich. Just a little trick I learned on Triple D. Think I do it better though.

01:00 PM #
Supposed to meet up with Ann later. But only if her mom can watch the kids. Hangin out with my kids is NOT part of the Saturday plan.

01:02 PM #
Went and picked up one of those Miller Lite Home Draft mini kegs. Didn't know anything could go down so smooth.

01:04 PM #
Just realized that today is NBA All Star weekend! Super pumped you guys. Might see if Ann can come to our place. Let's do this!

01:06 PM #
Crankin up some AC/DC. Let's party! SAT-UR-DAY! SA-TUR-DAY! Had 2 drafts already. Was hungover but now I am feelin fine!

01:09 PM #
No way I can tell Dave about moving out today. He'll get the blues. We're having a blast. Don't want it to be weird if Ann comes by.

04:22 PM #
Whoa, we PLOWED through that fridge keg. Dave ran out for another one.

06:00 PM #
Ann's stopping by for a quick beer in a half hour. Hope she doesn't mind, we're a little trashed. Gotta go clean up the john and stuff.