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DadBoner - Mon Feb 21 2011

11:46 AM #
Back in the saddle. Got an Italian Nightclub JJ Unwich from Jimmy John's. (no bread) See they MAKE 'em that way. I'm not crazy.

11:48 AM #
Really sick of people like Dave and idiots at work judging me for my diet. If restaurants make things for it, it can't be stupid.

11:51 AM #
Why don't pizza places make UnPizzas? They'd clean up. And I wouldn't have to take guff for just eating the toppings.

11:55 AM #
Felt good to be up and around early today. Forgot we had the day off and drove to work. Got a bunch of stuff done. 20 pushups & bought TP.

11:58 AM #
No sign of dingleberry Dave. Guess he's still crying to his mom. "Oh momma, me and Karl awen't fwiends anymo!" What a baby.

11:59 AM #
I really gotta start looking out for numero uno more.

04:15 PM #
Still no Dave. Probably doesn't want to drive in the snow. Gonna make some UnTacos a la Karl. And I got the tube all to myself!

04:16 PM #
Also, I just wanted to say, if any of you guys are a president, this Bud's for you!

04:29 PM #
It shouldnt be such a pleasure to use the john without Dave makin beef sounds outside the door, but it is. Nothin like a quiet BM session.

11:47 PM #
No Dave still. Feel like I could just watch GOOD tv forever! Coach is on!!! Forgot how incredible this show was. Dauber...HAHAHAHA!!!

11:49 PM #
Crackin another cold one. Screw it. Gotta take advantage of the good life.