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DadBoner - Tue Feb 22 2011

12:12 PM #
Really draggin today. Stayed up way too late. Hungover. Gonna take a catnap on the toilet.

01:39 PM #
Took a nice 45 minute toilet nap. Got accused of "leaving work." Going in the john is still being at work. I could be sick or something.

03:08 PM #
Heading home. Hope Dave's not there. Had a blast watching the tube by myself last night. Dave sucks at watching tv.

04:13 PM #
No Dave. That means I get to do some pushups with my shirt off and not hear crap about it. It lets me really see the progress on my bod.

05:58 PM #
I suppose I should start thinking about packing up my crap. Too sore from those push-ups though. Feelin jacked. Did 2 sets of 12!

10:11 PM #
No Dave. Watching Armageddon, eatin porkrinds, sippin Crown & Diets. Just a winning combination. Livin it up Captain Karl style!