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DadBoner - Wed Feb 23 2011

11:30 AM #
Happy Wing Wednesday, you guys! Took down A dozen Hot BBQ and 6 Spicy Garlic. Had to get in some protein after my workout.

11:32 AM #
Spoke to Ann about when I should do the big move in. She said we should have a talk with the kids first. That's just the worst.

02:16 PM #
Between the extra long lunch, bathroom breaks, and a fake "run to the Walgreens to pick up my prescription", Wing Weds is flyin by!

02:18 PM #
Feelin frisky. Might head out to Paddy's later. Haven't been by to see the gals in a while. Don't wanna be rude.

04:28 PM #
$3 dollar Long Islands at Paddy's tonight. Gonna go settle in and take advantage of the savings. The freedom trail is ending soon.

09:55 PM #
Came home pretty bombed on Long Islands. Love when Gina works on Long Island night. Gina makes the best Long Islands. The. Best.

09:56 PM #
Plus, she's got an incredible rack. Not saying that to be creepy, just a friendly comment about Gina. She makes the best Long Islands.

09:58 PM #
Dave was home from wherever when I got home. He just got up and went to bed. Didn't say anything. Dave's a coward about confrontations.

10:00 PM #
I'm kinda the alpha dog around here. That's just my nature I guess. Is it too late to make pork chops?

10:01 PM #
I guess the difference between me and Dave is: he goes to bed, and I'll stay up and make pork chops. I live above the law.

10:10 PM #
Doin a little Shakin and Bakin. I add my own spices, to make em Captain Karl style. (special recipe) Makin a Crown & Diet.

10:50 PM #
Pork chops are done. Dave came out of his room & said, "Whatcha makin?" Nice try, fair weather fan. I don't think so. Hit the sack, jerk.

10:53 PM #
Dave ain't gettin none of my chops. He can't just expect us to be pals because he wants something. Makin another drinko.