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DadBoner - Thu Feb 24 2011

11:51 AM #
Woke up on the couch this morning. My pork chops were still sitting there all cold. Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

11:54 AM #
Left the chops by the sink. Dave will still eat 'em like some animal. No need to waste food. Don't think they were fully cooked anyway.

01:43 PM #
Needed a pick me up. Went to get a big Caramel Mocha from McD's. Realized I forgot my debit card at Paddy's. Lucky I had cash.

01:44 PM #
Got a large fry and ate almost the whole thing in the car before I realized what I was doing. Totally blanked on my diet. Feel bad.

03:45 PM #
Gotta swing by Paddy's to get my debit card. Gonna have one or 2 to be polite. Then I gotta start packing for the big move!

07:41 PM #
$3.50 glasses of wine at Paddy's tonight. Kind of a crappy special. More for the ladies than the fellas. Only had a quick 4 or 5.

07:42 PM #
Got a mean buzz though. Worked some game on the babe named Georgia, just to see if I had the chops. Think I had it in the bag.

07:43 PM #
Coulda been makeout city, but you know, got the Ann thing goin on.

07:47 PM #
Dave's actually being pretty cool right now. Said he'd help me pack on Saturday so we could get into this Silver Bullet fridge keg.

09:29 PM #
Dave just tried to do a mini keg stand. Crashed on his neck. Ha! What a fatso.

10:08 PM #
Dave's icin his neck with some of my Pizza Rolls. So much for those. I'm hittin the sack. Well worth the loss for how hilarious that was.