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DadBoner - Fri Feb 25 2011

12:58 PM #
I feel like such a bag of crap. Happy Friday to ya though, you guys!

03:59 PM #
It's. Time. To. Par-tay!!!! Last weekend of freedom, you guys!

04:06 PM #
Gonna pick up a whole bunch of snacks and cold ones on the way home. One last blowout with Dave. Might even get some Jack for shots!

06:31 PM #
Me and Davis got a mean buzz goin on. Headin out to Paddy's and Wild Spurs. My bro Al's supposed to meet us. Let's do this!

06:31 PM #
Super pumped for this weekend, you guys.

10:47 PM #
Me, Al and Dave just got back from Paddy's. Gonna smoke some wacky on the sly. Gotta do it right. Might watch Police Academy 2! Ha!

10:52 PM #
Dave is so bombed out on kamikaze shots. Gina was pouring heavy. Knew we were celebrating..on Al's tab. Wish you could meet Al, you guys.

11:54 PM #
I justpissed off the deck. HHHHAAAHA!