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DadBoner - Sun Feb 27 2011

01:15 AM #
Ate 2 Double Cheese and 2 McChickens. Crashed out for a few. Feelin better, you guys. Gonna watch some Knife Show. Love a nice blade.

01:18 AM #
Little steamed at Dave. Gave him a 50. He spent ALL of it at McD's. Whole fridge is full. He calls it "groceries." Crap for brains.

01:20 AM #
My sleep schedule is so screwed up. Can't get on track. Supposed to move back in with Ann tomorrow. Gotta get it together.

04:12 PM #
Gonna have to hold off on the big move until next week. There were just too many things on my plate to get all packed and what not.

04:19 PM #
I can hardly stand to look at all of the McDonald's in the fridge. Eating McNuggets with the coating taken off for health.

10:34 PM #
Can't sleep. My life just feels kinda out of control. I wish I wasn't so popular so I'd have more time to focus on the important stuff.

10:35 PM #
Watched the Oscars tonight. Could really identify with 'em. All those people wanting you to party. It gets hectic, you know?

10:36 PM #
Plus, there were a ton of hot babes on the Oscars. It'd be tough to live the married life. Good thing I never tried acting.

10:38 PM #
I guess I'm gonna try and hit the sack. Feelin kinda down. I wish Dave was up so we could have a good bro to bro.