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DadBoner - Mon Feb 28 2011

12:49 PM #
Brought a big bag of that old McDonald's to munch on at work. It's really hard to peel the stale buns off the meat. Makin such a mess.

12:53 PM #
You'd be pretty surprised at how far $50 goes at McDonalds. Why is Dave such a moron? $20 worth would be plenty.

12:54 PM #
Nosey lady just shook her head at me like I'm stupid. I should smash this McChicken in her dumb face.

02:10 PM #
Ann wants me to come over for supper with the kids. I guess EVERY night until I move back in. Seems a little excessive.

02:13 PM #
It'd be cool to have some grub with Ann, but with the kids?! They don't like me so I don't really care for them either.

02:15 PM #
I better let Ann know about my new dietary restrictions. Can't get into that old rut. Family dinners can really pack on the pounds.