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DadBoner - Mon Mar 07 2011

11:50 AM #
This Monday has a little more funk on it than usual. Really draggin', you guys. Ate a variety pack of cold cuts for lunch. So boring.

01:04 PM #
Sometimes it feels like it'll be cold forever and I'll never be able to golf or get out my boat again. Makes me want to run in traffic.

03:17 PM #
Supposed to go over to Ann & the kids for supper in a bit. How is "family time" supposed to be special when it happens EVERY day?

03:23 PM #
It's like, if EVERY Sports Illustrated was the swimsuit issue, then that wouldn't be special anymore either. Awesome, but not special.

03:28 PM #
I wonder where my SI Swimsuit Issue went anyway? Picked up a copy at 7-Eleven and didn't even get to look at it. Have to ask Dave.

08:34 PM #
Supper was nice tonight. My daughters had some sort of practice for something I don't care about and my son already ate at a friend's.

08:55 PM #
Ann made baked BBQ chicken. I passed on the potatoes. She was impressed with how I'm still sticking to my diet. Just had a ton of chicken.

08:57 PM #
Even snuck in a little smooch on the way out, and got me a squeeze on her caboose. She thought I was being silly. Nope, DEAD serious.

08:59 PM #
Really needed that. Had a rough day. Havin a few cold ones with Dave now. Funny how I hate his guts less when I have time with my gal.