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DadBoner - Wed Mar 09 2011

11:35 AM #
Happy Wing Wednesday, you guys. Just powered through 18. Gotta take advantage. Wing Wednesday is kinda all I got right now.

11:46 AM #
Never went to Ann's last night. Told her I had to help Dave with some "girl problems." Which was looking for the missing Swimsuit issue.

12:05 PM #
Finally found it in the john. It was under a bunch of my Men's Healths. Think I hid it there from Dave. Sounded like a good spot.

12:50 PM #
Holy crap! Just realized St. Patty's Day is almost here! Super pumped, you guys! Gotta make some BIG plans.

06:04 PM #
Had THE BEST supper with the fam: Filet-O-Fish's & Shamrock Shakes! Not part of my diet, but I guess God or whatever says to eat it today.

06:05 PM #
I had a regular Filet-O-Fish and a Double F-O-F. SO good, you guys. No fries, didn't want to over do it.

06:08 PM #
My son only had a few bites because "he only likes chicken tenders dipped in ketchup" like some girl. Told him to change it with "magic."

06:10 PM #
He started to whine and pushed it away. Told him, "see, magic pretend" and ate his too. Nothing wrong with some tough love.

06:16 PM #
I gotta confess, I stopped on the way home for another Filet-O-Fish. Didn't want to look like a hog. They go down SO smooth, you guys.

06:18 PM #
I swear to God, I could hit McD's for another Filet-O-Fish right now. Gotta use some self control and stick with my brewskis.

06:26 PM #
Dave asked me if I went to church for Ash Weds. No Dave, I'm an adult, why would I do that? He's still wearing his ashes like some ramrod.

06:29 PM #
I ate Filet-O-Fishes, Dave! It's good enough. Just 'cause you look like someone put out a cig on your face don't make you better than me.