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DadBoner - Thu Mar 10 2011

01:43 AM #
Couldn't sleep. Stomach problems. Watchin' some of Dave's "Hunter" DVDs. Almost as good as "Rockford Files." Fred Dwyer's great.

12:15 PM #
Asked Ann if we could cut loose later for "Thirstday." She said, sure, just be here at 7 for stew. Don't think she gets it.

12:46 PM #
Even after all those Filet-O-Fishes, I'm still feelin pretty slim today. I think the McD's fish must be "good for you" fat like avocado.

01:15 PM #
Super pumped for St. Paddy's Day, you guys. It's gonna be a cheat day FOR SURE. One of THE best days of the year.

01:18 PM #
Probably gonna hit up Paddy's for the celebration. Really like to do a little bar crawl. Maybe Chili's and Applebee's. Gotta do it right.

01:48 PM #
I could sure go for another Shamrock Shake right now. Fightin it off, gotta stay strong. They're only for a limited time though!

01:50 PM #
I feel like every day I DON'T get a Shamrock Shake is a waste and I'll regret it later. Gettin in healthy shape is so stupid sometimes.

01:52 PM #
Why don't they just make DIET Shamrock Shakes. They make diet everything else in the world. C'mon Mickey D's, do it for the health nuts!

09:07 PM #
Was eating around the potatoes in the stew at dinner and my daughter said I should "go on celebrity fart club." Ann sent her to her room.

09:09 PM #
I don't know what "celebrity fart club is." Guess it's some grossout show on Mtv or whatever kids watch.

09:14 PM #
So excited for Friday, you guys. Can't sleep. And these Crown & Diets are going down so smooth. Dave's not drinking for "lent" though.

09:16 PM #
I'd give up something for lent, but I already suffer enough for my diet. God shouldn't be greedy on the suffering. Diets are really hard.

09:18 PM #
I just don't get praying and that stuff. It never did anything for me. I always worked hard for everything on my own.

09:19 PM #
I guess when I had that heart attack and crashed my car into a tree, I prayed a little, but that was different. Don't need it now.

09:20 PM #
Dave should be careful, you should only pray when you NEED something. Don't waste it on crap like lent. You only get so many prayers.

09:23 PM #
Sorry to talk religion, you guys. It's a snoozefest. I'm just buzzed. God crap is boring. And Dave brought it up with his lent garbage.