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DadBoner - Sun Mar 13 2011

02:28 PM #
Me and Ann really had a feast at OG last night. Got pretty messed up too. Tried to give her my breadstick, if you catch my drift. Ha!

02:31 PM #
Woke up on the couch this morning at Ann's to my daughters yelling, "Ew, Karl's on the couch in his tighties! Gross!"

02:32 PM #
I threw on my Dockers and got the heck outta there. Shouldn't be that way. Don't think they understand I OWN the friggin' house!

02:38 PM #
Just made myself a really big burger with a fried egg and cheese on it. No bun. Super healthy protein. Might do some pushups later.

07:16 PM #
This is about the time that I start to get that bad feeling about Monday. Gonna make a cocktail. Wish there were 2 Sundays, you guys.

10:20 PM #
You guys watch these ESPN 30 for 30s? They're like Titanic for dudes. Tonight's Fab 5 one got me in the ticker real bad.

10:23 PM #
It's only okay for guys to cry in front of other guys if it's about sports. It's like, a macho kind of crying. Like anger tears.