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DadBoner - Tue Mar 15 2011

11:37 AM #
I think nosey lady might be suspicious. She put a big sign on the donation box that says, UNLESS YOUR DONATING, DON'T TOUCH. "Your?" HAHA!

11:47 AM #
Tried to explain to my kids how I scored the chili so it wouldn't offend the Japanese people. They said it was "stealing."

11:50 AM #
I told my kids that there's no such thing as "stealing" in politics. I think it was a good lesson. Sometimes kids need to learn the truth.

11:53 AM #
I let the kids know, that if anything, "stealing" that chili kinda makes me a quiet hero. They look up to me, you guys.

11:58 AM #
I think they understood when I taught them how Japanese people don't like chili, it would've gone to waste AND been offensive.

11:59 AM #
Plus, they won't think it was "stealing" when their Dad makes them up a batch of Captain Karl's Coney Supremes! Mmm-mmm!

03:09 PM #
Super pumped for St. Paddy's Day, you guys! It's gonna be such a blast.

03:16 PM #
Got my wearin' o' the green!

08:22 PM #
Picked up 4, 6-packs of Guinness for St. Paddy's pre-gamers. Couldn't resist, me and Dave went through half of 'em already. So smooth.

08:23 PM #
Nothin wrong with celebrating a little early anyway. Technically, St. Paddy's is a week long celebration in the big cities.

08:26 PM #
Dave is pretty hammered. Dancin a jig. Which kind of just looks like his regular dancing like a retard. Dave has ZERO moves.