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DadBoner - Wed Mar 16 2011

12:13 PM #
Time to start "feeling sick" at work so it won't be obvious when I take tomorrow off for St. Paddy's.

03:27 PM #
Headin to Ann's for supper. Told her about Wing Wednesday so she's making BAKED chicken wings. Don't know how I feel about that.

09:40 PM #
BAKED chicken wings just aren't the same, you guys. Barely choked a few down to be polite, then stopped off for real ones after.

09:42 PM #
Got a few more sixers of Guinness for tomorrow. Guess what? Me and Dave polished them off again. Happy St. Paddy's Eve, you guys!

09:55 PM #
Still awake. Super pumped for the big pub crawl tomorrow. Gotta get some sleep. Poppin a Lunesta with a brewski. Should do the trick.