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DadBoner - Fri Mar 18 2011

11:29 AM #
Happy Friday to ya, you guys. Just gettin around. Took off work again. Told em I was dehydrated from "stomach issues." Always works.

11:31 AM #
Had such a blast for St. Paddy's. Me, Al, and Dave got pretty rowdy. Hit Chili's after Applebee's where Dave puked a THIRD time.

11:34 AM #
Applebee's was sort lame, (except for Dave puked there, so that was cool). Tried to crank it up at Chili's with some shotskis. Good call.

11:36 AM #
Dave was buying insane amounts of shots at a time. He was super blotto. It was like we were in a George Thorogood song.

11:37 AM #
Dave knocked over a freakin whole table at Chili's bar, then started playing air guitar to music that wasn't even on!

11:39 AM #
A few minutes later, he ran into the john. Came out with no shirt on and his pants were all wet for whatever reason. We had to GO.

11:41 AM #
Me and Al had to drag Dave to the Sebring. He kept making crazy faces and screamin crap like "Freebird!" for no reason. It was great!

11:43 AM #
I bet everyone there knows how we party now. Me, Al, and Dave must be kinda like the bad boys of Chili's bar.

11:48 AM #
Went to Paddy McGee's Irish Pub next. Gotta close it out at an authentic Irish place, ya know? Had the Reuben Pizza. SO good.

11:50 AM #
We had to leave Dave in the car. He passed out and wouldn't get up. They had 24oz $2.50 green beer drafts. Told ya Paddy's was authentic.

11:55 AM #
They had Irish music on, me and Al were crackin jokes, laughin, havin a BLAST. Then Ann called to see when I'd be over for supper.

11:58 AM #
Why would Ann think I'd have family supper on St. Paddy's day?! It's a national tradition for guys to hit the pubs. She's kinda steamed.

12:00 PM #
After that, me and Al got into what I like to call "The Welzein Zone." Shots, beers, shots, beers... Man, were celebrating HARDCORE.

12:03 PM #
Completely forgot about Dave in the cold car. He wandered in, wet pants and all, started to say something, they just puked on the floor.

12:05 PM #
So Dave gets licked out of Paddy's 30 seconds after walking in. It must be a new record or something. Me and Al were just DYING, you guys.

12:15 PM #
I kinda blacked out after Dave barfed. Woke up this morning with the Crock Pot STILL on. Corned beef kinda dry, but real tender.

12:22 PM #
Dave was asleep in the bathtub this morning. He needs to learn some self control. Musta came in after I blackout left him in the car.

01:32 PM #
Whelp, there's some Guinness left over. And I have the day off 'cause work thinks I have the runs. Do the math, you guys. Ha!

08:07 PM #
Had a few too many St. Paddy's part 2 Guinness and crashed out. Forgot about supper with Ann & the kids. I'm in doghouse city.

08:11 PM #
Ann doesn't understand that if there's brews to drink, you gotta drink 'em. It's guy code. Kinda like the Samurais had.

08:15 PM #
Ann doesn't understand that technically, I actually DID have some diarrhea. Should be able to get a sick pass on family supper. It's fair.

08:16 PM #
And even if I didn't pass out or have diarrhea, sometimes I have social obligations that surpass a meal with the family.

08:17 PM #
Gonna try to kick back, you guys. Makin a corned beef leftie sammy. I'll make it up to the fam tomorrow. No biggie.