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DadBoner - Sun Mar 20 2011

01:29 PM #
Feelin kinda down. Had pretty Weak-end. I know I've had 4 days off, but still, bummed about facing the music tomorrow.

01:37 PM #
Thought the supreme pizzas would really wow the Ann & the kids last night. My son used his magic wand to pick off all of the toppings.

01:40 PM #
My daughters wouldn't even touch the supreme pizzas. Said all they could taste were the "grody" green peppers. I blew it with supremes.

01:48 PM #
I told my son that "a real man likes his pizza with ALL the toppings." He said, "Why?" Like I have TIME to answer that.

02:03 PM #
After supper, Ann wanted to have that "talk." I just ate 7 slices of supreme pizza, do you want me to die of indigestion?

02:06 PM #
Ann said I wasn't really holding up to my bargain of "family supper time." I took off TWO days for a MAJOR drinking holiday! Jeez.

02:15 PM #
Plus when I come by, my daughters start in with the fatso jokes then my son does some tinker bell magic crap. Bad for my self esteem.

02:17 PM #
Ann doesn't understand that sometimes I need 2 or 3 days of "Guy Time" to let loose and drink a few cases of cold ones! I work hard.

02:20 PM #
I just kept nodding my head in agreement, saying "yes, baby. I understand." Women only care if they're right, not if you listen.

02:22 PM #
I don't feel all that bad lying to Ann about paying attention. It's okay for guys to lie when they don't get any action from their gal.

02:24 PM #
Plus, if you just lie about "understanding" to your babe, you can get the rock outta there faster, and soon you'll be in cold one city.

02:25 PM #
Time for a cocktail. Scotch Sunday, you guys.

02:32 PM #
I brought all those supreme pizza lefties home. Dave is in hog heaven. Keeps saying how it's like "Pizza Christmas." Dave LOVES toppings.

03:22 PM #
Going over to Ann & the kids for supper, AGAIN. God, families just NEVER end. At least I have a nice scotch buzz going.