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DadBoner - Mon Mar 21 2011

11:40 AM #
Just had a 30min meeting with nosey lady about "sick day policies." Does she really think people use sick days when they're "sick?"

11:47 AM #
Sick days are for going to Tigers day games & boozin. If I'm gonna spend a whole day in the can I might as well get paid for it at work.

11:55 AM #
Oh, and guess who never shipped those canned goods? Nosey lady. Maybe she should take care of Japan before worrying about MY life.

12:10 PM #
I think if nosey lady doesn't ship the canned goods to Japan, they should be up for grabs. She just can't hog 'em all.

01:17 PM #
Someone needs to put a giant Mr. Yuck sticker on nosey lady's face. Ha!

06:19 PM #
Dinner at Ann's sucked. My kid kept "flying" around on the Swiffer. THAT'S NOT MAGIC! At least learn a cool card trick or something.

06:23 PM #
We had some weird curry hippie crap. Got a Burger King Triple Stack on the way home. (no bun) Healthy food doesn't have to taste like B.O.

06:24 PM #
Today sucked. Everything sucks. Sick of this. I'm gonna drink some cold ones and forget this stupid weather and my stupid life.

06:27 PM #
Plus Ann is still giving me that "look" for what I "did." That was LAST week. I came to the damn family dinner tonight. Get over it.

06:29 PM #
I'm gonna drink some friggin cold ones and Dave better keep his trap shut. I'm NOT in the mood for any crap. Everyone sucks.

06:32 PM #
Oh, and my daughters, my daughters kept singing some stupid Friday song. It's Monday. Shut up. So sick of this.