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DadBoner - Thu Mar 24 2011

11:39 AM #
Shipped those canned goods to Japan yesterday for nosey lady. Cost me $230!!! Nosey lady "has to figure out who's paying me for that."

11:40 AM #
She says work can't pay for it, but maybe we'll start up a collection. NO. I want my money NOW, idiot.

11:42 AM #
I don't know why I agreed to do charity work. Sure, I took half the day off, but this is total horsecrap.

11:45 AM #
Great, now she's asking everyone to "chip in for Karl." Like I'm some charity beggar. Makes me look like a cheapskate.

11:46 AM #
We sent like $17 dollars worth of canned goods to Japan and it cost $230!!! So stupid. Shoulda just sent cash in a card or something.

11:47 AM #
So sick of this. Really lookin forward to the weekend, you guys.

02:20 PM #
Nosey lady just asked me to chip in for the shipping costs that I fronted. I ALREADY DID MY PART FOR JAPAN YOU NITWIT!!!

02:24 PM #
Why can't she get it through her thick skull that I shouldn't have to "chip in" to pay myself back!? Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid!!

02:25 PM #
Really feelin alot of rage, you guys.

09:40 PM #
Was so mad I hardly said anything at supper. Still really steamed. Nosey lady better have my damn money tomorrow.

09:42 PM #
She. Better. Have. My. MONEY.