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DadBoner - Sat Mar 26 2011

12:23 PM #
Real doozy last night. Guess I was a little over served before I met the fam at Big Boy for supper. Cold ones were going down too smooth.

12:25 PM #
Can't really blame me. I had a rough week at work. A man's gotta unwind somehow, you guys. I do it with $2.50 24oz drafts.

12:27 PM #
I must've had 5 or 6 drafts before I met them out. Was in no mood for how great the Tango movie was. My kids are a snoozefest.

12:35 PM #
Really took some guff for gettin waffles on the side with my Super Big Boy. My kids don't know anything about soakin up the sauce.

12:58 PM #
One of my daughters said I was turning into the "Big Boy." Got so steamed. I knocked over my son's milkshake and he started BAWLING.

01:01 PM #
Told him to fix it with his "magic." He actually tried. I just got him another one. I told him, money is real, not magic.

01:11 PM #
Ann was a little burned up that I on the sauce. It was FRIDAY. It's a compromise. I came to dinner for Pete's sake.

01:27 PM #
Might have a talk with Ann about not having family dinner on Fri & Sat. Everyone should have a break from their family. It's healthy.

08:41 PM #
Told Ann I couldn't make it to supper. "Comin down with a head cold." Me and Dave ordered a supreme pie. Sippin whisky. That's cold stuff.

08:42 PM #
I figure, if you're doing things that you do when you're sick, what's the difference if you're actually sick or not. Same diff.

08:44 PM #
And for me, when I'm sick, I like a nice supreme pizza and some whiskey. Always does the trick. And Chee-tos. Chee-tos are good too.

08:45 PM #
Why don't any pizza places offer Crunchy Chee-tos as a pizza topping? Seems like a no brainer.

08:47 PM #
Captain Karl's Pizza Ship should definitely have Cheetos Pizza. Gotta write that down, you guys. This whiskey is going down so smooth.

08:53 PM #
If Domino's really wanted to fix that dogcrap they call "pizza", they should've started by trying out Cheetos as a topping.

09:01 PM #
Cheetos are good on just about anything. Hotdogs, hamburgs, bratwurst. Anything really. They just lend such a great texture to every dish.

09:06 PM #
I should tell Papa John about my Cheeto topping idea instead of crappy Domino's. Papa John seems like a cool guy. Papa's in the house!

09:08 PM #
Papa John hooks it up with the garlic butter dippin sauce. Wish they sold that in a bottle at the supermarket. I'd put it on everything.

09:29 PM #
Papa John kinda reminds me of myself. Just a laid back dude with a cool car who likes good grub. Guy on Triple D, too.

09:31 PM #
Been thinkin about trying out a new look. Maybe get a cut like Triple D Guy's. No tatts or earrings though. Don't wanna be a copycat.