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DadBoner - Sun Mar 27 2011

02:01 PM #
Told Ann I'd only come over for supper if we could watch hoops while we eat. She said ok. Damnit, thought it'd get me out of it.

02:06 PM #
I'm bringing this 12-pack with me too. If I leave it here, Dave'll hog it all down. Can't watch hoops without cold ones.

06:13 PM #
Tried to get my son to watch basketball with me. He kept saying it wasn't as good as some made up "Quidditch" crap.

06:19 PM #
I told my son you can't just make up sports. They either exist or they don't. Michael Jordan didn't just make up some crap to be good at.

06:23 PM #
My son needs to learn that imagination and magic is just gonna get him a smack in the face from the real world and ZERO babes.