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DadBoner - Tue Mar 29 2011

12:59 PM #
Was kinda slackin on my diet. Back in the saddle. Got 5 Pacific Shrimp Tacos from Taco Bell, no shell. Real gourmet, Taco Bell!

01:01 PM #
The Taco Bell shrimp were marinated just right, and the Creamy Avocado Ranch really knocked my socks off. Plus, super healthy, you guys.

01:24 PM #
Look out Red Lobster, looks like Taco Bell is makin a move to be the king of seafood. And what a great value!

01:27 PM #
Not to be racist, but when I think of Mexicans, the last thing I think of is shrimp. The first thing is gangs, second is Taco Bell.

02:15 PM #
Told Ken all about the shrimp tacs. He said he gets better ones when he visits "Cali." "Cali?" Whoa, look at Mr. World Traveler over here.

03:05 PM #
Headin to Ann & the kids for supper. Unless I get lucky & don't make it 'cause I swerved into oncoming traffic or a building or something.