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DadBoner - Fri Apr 01 2011

11:05 AM #
Dave had a stroke last night. Crapped himself and everything. Spent all night in the hospital.

11:22 AM #
Dave's damn stroke made me lose so much sleep. Really draggin today. And his crap smell is really reeking up the Sebring.

11:23 AM #
Really kinda steamed at Dave for having that stroke. He should take better care of himself. Still, happy Friday, you guys!

11:48 AM #
April Fools, you guys! Dave didn't really have a stroke. He's still the same old sack of crap. Ann still thinks he did though. Ha!

12:16 PM #
Seriously, really draggin today. Might be a "take a cat nap in the john" kinda Friday. Gotta rest up for the weekend.

01:32 PM #
Man, can't wait to be in Cold One City. I'm goin to camp out in the john again. No one asks questions when they think you've got the runs.