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DadBoner - Sat Apr 02 2011

01:47 AM #
Woke up to take a pee. Dave left a major rat tail of crap in the bowl. Super grossout. Wizzed it off. Someone's gotta be an adult.

12:23 PM #
Scrambled up a dozen eggs and bacon. Sippin some Bloody Karls with Dave. We're just tryin to have a Saturday over here, you guys!

12:26 PM #
Ann called and wants to know if I want to go to 5:00 mass with the kids. Sure, right after I slam my nuts with this claw hammer.

12:30 PM #
If Catholics REALLY wanted to be like Jesus, they'd spend an hour at a soup kitchen instead of church. Wouldn't do that either, but still.

02:12 PM #
Me and Dave are thinkin' Arby's.

04:29 PM #
Dave just told me that if you close your eyes, Arby's tastes like thin sliced hot dogs. He's right. My world is kinda flipped upside down.

04:32 PM #
Arby's roast beef is just a big brown beef hot dog that they slice up. My mind is completely blown. I need some time to think, you guys.

10:58 PM #
Me an Dave went to Paddys afer Arbys. so bombed. partyin like its 1999,Ha!