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DadBoner - Tue Apr 05 2011

11:34 AM #
Why does Tuesday even exist? What a stupid excuse for a day.

12:18 PM #
Supper last night was a nightmare. Ann told the kids about my pee pants. They kept calling me "Captain Pee Pants." Got really steamed.

12:19 PM #
My son still has to use damn plastic sheets on his bed. He's got no right to point his finger at me for having a pee pants incident.

12:21 PM #
I told my son, when you wet the bed more than you don't, you should keep your trap shut about other people's pee pants problems.

12:25 PM #
Then my son started in with the crybaby stuff. Sometimes you have to really break your kid down to teach him a lesson. Really destroy him.

12:30 PM #
Sometimes I get bummed out that there isn't a Boston Market near by.

05:19 PM #
The best time of the day is whenever I'm 4 beers in.